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Calumet Photo San Diego Gallery Showing

I am so happy to announce, my photographs are featured the whole month of March at Calumet in San Diego! Happy 27th birthday to me! My birthday is on March 31st! What a perfect gift! The first time I walked into Calumet was two years ago. I remember viewing the gallery and wishing one day I would have art displayed on walls somewhere 🙂 At that point in time I didn’t even know how to manually set my camera. I guess all that hard work paid off! When I was younger, I thought I would be artistic through my music. I saw myself as a hippie free spirit rocking out on stage. It wasn’t until I became a wife and mother, that I developed the discipline to become a better artist. Even now, I am first a wife & mother. Mother & wife by day … photographer/artist by night. It can sometimes be so difficult. I sometimes wish I would of met photography at an earlier age in my life. That way I could focus 100% of my time to developing my skill. Then I’m humbled. Then I realize if It weren’t for my husband and my beautiful baby girl I wouldn’t be where I am today. London is the ONLY reason I ever picked up a camera, hence the name “London Light Photography.” I dedicate this viewing to my husband Dana, and my daughter London. Dana and London I love you dearly. You are halves to my heart.







I was on my way back from wine county in Temecula, CA . I had just finished photographing a creative shoot. I saw these fine people on the corner, and immediately decided to join in on the fun! It’s amazing in this day and age food is a pounding headache. You would think after a handful of thousands of years the distribution of food would be handled properly.

2013 in a Nutshell

2013 in a Nutshell

2013 was the busiest year of my life. There was never a dull moment, literally. Wore a hat of mother to my lovely 2yr old daughter London. Celebrated my 3rd year of marriage to my other half, Dana. Welcomed 26 years of age. Captured over 20,000 photographs. Drank from 3 separate tea cups of owner, artist and photographer of London Light Photography. Hatch a new business, Madam Palooza. Attempted to make Dana macrons for Valentine’s day. 15 minuets of TV fame, 4 separate times. Built an emporium. Photographed endless antiques. Photographed a peaceful protest, SAY NO TO GMO. Photographed endless faces, new and old. Photographed fine art to photojournalistic images. Didn’t photograph to much of the Earth, tear. Hello Vegas, EDC. Hosted one awesome grand opening. Published in a handful of magazines. Fell in love with Jesus. Walked a hard road to recovery with someone I love dearly. Positivity bloomed me. Negativity shattered me. Carried a lot of photography equipment and antiques. I’m a red head…. no wait … a trendy ombre chick….arm pit length brunette .. whew … on my way to caramel dazzled with blond (Thank you Pauline). Drank a lot of coffee. Met Mr. Grey. Spent time with old friends. Made a lot of new friends. Wrote music and lyrics. Jammed with fellow musicians. Wrote beginnings of a book. Curtsied, and parted ways with the Madam. Baptized by chance in a pair of dress pants and long sleeve. Drank a lot of coffee. Edited countless photographs. Drank a lot of coffee. Supported Dana, and his new self-employed business adventures. Lifted my hands to Jesus for the first time. Felt the Holy Spirit for the first time. Gave up on manicures and pedicures… who has time? Supported Bring Me Hope, an organization who uplifts Chinese orphans. Volunteered at a local homeless shelter. Went to Disney Land 7 times. Met Daniel after years of wondering what it would be like. Along side one of my BFFs, put together a toy drive for a local shelter. Met the goal of 1000 toys. 2013 Thank you!!! I learned so much from you!

2013 was a riot. My goal of becoming a yoga master failed miserably. I didn’t paint that 10 foot canvas that lurks in my garage. I didn’t travel much. I didn’t visit the Red Woods. I didn’t sew. I didn’t learn how to knit or play the violin. I most certainly didn’t sleep …. enough and didn’t learn how to make wax candles . Alright 2014 …. lets see what your made of!