Kate, Wind, and the Japanese Tourist




Headed south on the 15 Freeway. I found myself with this sweet soul from Buffalo, NY. I have photographed Kate before. We Strabucked it, and boom (in my mind thats what it sounded like as we began our voyage) we were off! An hour passed, but it only seemed like minuets. I spied with my eagle eye a tall slender light tower. I had been itching to photograph this beautiful historical safe keep for some time. We had our work cut out for us. In between extreme wind and tourist, it would be difficult for the stars to align. I love a good challenge. I believe when weather, location or equipment presents a dilemma, you are forced to think outside of the box. These situations force you to grow. In between a wardrobe malfunction for Kate (lets just say there is a very happy elderly gentleman from Japan, who saw more than a beautiful light tower) and the wind trying to Mary Poppins me with my umbrella , I was getting a little nervous! It’s rare that I get nervous! To cut the story short, the star decided to align 🙂 They just took some time. In love with the softness of some of the photos captured of Kate. Now do something good for your ears 🙂 Check out Kate’s Youtube channel and discover art. Cheers Friends, until next time.



Welcome to the World Karter

Welcome to the World Karter

To photograph a new soul is a grand experience. I have cradled countless babes in my arms. Every time I photograph a newborn it’s life’s way of rewarding me with a golden memory token. Baby Karter is such a handsome baby! He is so mellow! Mommy and baby already have such a harmonious flow together! Thank you Pam and Karter for letting capture a priceless moment! I will forever cherish our time spent together!!

PS: Thank your pops for that yummy carrot juice! HHAHA!

With love,