Welcome to my Humble Abode


Welcome to my humble abode! A new dwelling for my loitering thoughts and personal passions. My name is Syd, and I’m a believer “Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow” (John Lennon). Yes fellow humans, I am welcoming you into this saltbox of mine. I want you to take notice of the front door mat that reads in bold letters “Enter and leave with love.” I was pondering as to what my debut blog post should be about. I decided I would write about a permanent resident, who continually tries to control the malice of the other ring leaders who dwell within. Love – [luhv] the international language, and answer to all problems. Though this blog, I will keep record of personal growth and personal passions. I want to be used as a tool that brings positivity into this world. I have decided to grab life by the horns and carpe the heck out of this deim. In order to do that …. a key element is needed… Love!!! Personal relationships, business, mind, body and soul all need love in order to flourish. Through my own record of personal growth … I hope to inspire others to realize growth is one loving motion away. So here’s to a new journey that’s about to set sail!!! CHALLENGE #1 – SERVE WITH LOVE. Bon voyage, until next time!